Sunday, February 7, 2010

Moving to a new server!

Were moving to a new server platform!!

This move will:
-Increased Performance
-Scaling Options

It is currently scheduled to happen in and around 2/8/2010.

We don't anticipate any major problems, but for now we are going to disable registrations until the move is complete. There may be some down time, but hopefully it will be short.

Existing users should be unaffected.

Eekers! Well it turns out that its going to take a lot longer than I had hoped. The people I host this website with are expanding, which includes moving all there websites to a new server platform. This new technology is clashing with existing technology, everytime they try to ghost this site on the new tech it Fails, thats problem 1.

Problem 2 is that thier new support team is now in India which makes it impossible to talk with them and get any quality support. The truth, most of this is out of my hands. Its like trying to gett cable and them telling you they will come between Tuesday and Thursday, but not giving you an exact time. grrrr.

Sooo, I am thinking of just jumping ship to a whole new service (cough cough Amazon cough). Ill keep you updated


  1. Matthew do you have an iPhone specific site?
    I’ve been using a free iPhone app called Flat Belly Revolution ( but it doesn’t always have calorie information on the item I’m eating.

  2. Sally,
    Not yet ; ), it is on my schedule but may be a while.

    I am going to school full time right now and with the spare time I have I have been working on Matthews Calorie Counter, in addition to a brand new site.

    There are still a couple major additions I would love to add to Matthews Calorie Counter:

    ***Personal Profile Pages (I am actually right in the middle of building these and its turning out beautifully!)

    **Rebuild the Calorie Counter and Exercise Log pages

    **Expand the Public Food Library

    Somewhere in between or after those major updates, and no major meltdowns, I planned on reworking the look to function with smaller devices such as cell phones and an iPhone App.

    So it’s on my radar, it’s on my brain and all I can really say is “soon” ; )

    Thanks for the question and your interest in my site!